We are specialised in the design and manufacturing of professional equipment for the pizzeria and sushi preparation. We are present worldwide offering high quality reliable products with high value for money ratio to enable fast return on investment.
We propose a complete and continuous developing range of products entirely made in Italy: Ottimade products are reliable and offer excellent results for every preparation.
Our equipment is designed to meet a continuously evolving market that requires simple tools to use, with high productivity and which last over time. For this reason, we guarantee each machine on the basis of continuous quality controls carried out in our plant and the use of tested and first choice materials and parts.
Our dealers and professionals from the catering industry who have chosen us are our best testimonies to the value offered by Ottimade.


We propose a complete catalogue that adapts to every need. Ottimade offers the possibility to choose the right system whatever the size of the business, the modularity and functional characteristics required. With over sixty oven models, both gas and electrical, as well as rolling machines and mixers and accessory products, composing an ever-updated range that integrates every functionality required by the market. Our proposal enables mixes to be prepared with consistent characteristics over time that meet every professional’s needs. Find out more with the detailed product data sheets online.


We have designed and manufactured a modular system to prepare rice for sushi according to the traditional Japanese recipe. It includes an oven to bake the rice and a mixer to place on a single support which can also contain the rice washing machine. As well as the guarantee of perfectly prepared rice meeting the particular requirements of oriental rice, we offer the possibility of an integrated tool with the guarantee of a product 100% Made in Italy. An ideal choice to prepare basic sushi ingredients, Ottimade’s proposal has already been chosen by numerous, highly satisfied professionals. Find out more with the detailed product data sheets online.


We have been working in the catering sector for more than twenty years. For this reason, we offer solutions to the changing market requirements. Ottimade products are guaranteed by careful quality control that ensures perfect functionality of the machine, to ensure it satisfies over time. Our technicians and our sales team can assist clients from product selection to after-sales service. The particular attention to the formulation of functional products, which are convenient and strictly controlled represent the elements that distinguish Ottimade most.

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